ADNews: Too many cooks: The viewability conundrum

Posted by Naima Lynch On March 24, 2014 Media Releases

Digital video advertising firm TubeMogul is pushing a free tool for any brand or ad agency that enables them to find out if consumers are actually looking at their video ads – and not just those bought through its own platform.

The digital advertising bodies are still trying to define exactly what viewability actually means and what is covered, with the IAB issuing a paper for comment last week.

In the meantime, companies are developing their own tools. Locally, publishers have expressed concerns that there could be confusion in the market if number of metrics roll out because they will likely show different numbers. Advertisers and agencies will likely plump for the lowest number of views, and therefore pay less to publishers, whereas the publishers would have more to gain from a metric that showed the highest number of views.

But TubeMogul reckons its Viewability Audit tool can be applied to any standard for video viewability that the IAB adopts.

It provides metrics and reporting into the rates at which video ads are watched, and applies to any video ad a marketer buys and is also designed to tell marketers why an ad is not getting watched, according to the company. Real-time metrics include how much of a video ad is in-frame, whether a viewer is in another tab or window, whether a video is muted, player size and how many ads are measurable.

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Naima Lynch