Agencies turn to podcast advertising to help build brand awareness according to IAB Audio Advertising State of the Nation Report 2020

Posted by Christian Manie On February 25, 2020 Media Releases

Wednesday 26th February 2020:  Advertising across digital audio platforms is maturing, with 90% of media buyers placing ads in streaming services and 75% now embracing podcasts (up from 63% in 2018) according to the IAB’s Audio Advertising State of the Nation Report released at the IAB Australia Audio Summit today. 

The report, which is in its fourth year, also found that brand awareness is the main driver for the audio market growth, particularly for podcast advertising with 48% of agencies using podcasts primarily for branding, an increase from 35% in 2018.

Download the full research report here.

Creative was identified by the Report as one of audio advertising’s greatest strengths and also its greatest challenges. The ease and speed of audio creative development has proven to be a great attraction for agencies, however only 17% of media agencies are consistently tailoring their creative to suit the different audio environments, which is vital when creative is the most important element of campaign impact. Although brand awareness is the number one objective of audio advertising, only one third of the buy-side are tracking these metrics and only 25% are tracking sales.

As advertisers increase their investment more focus is being paid to the metrics that are being used to measure success. Reach, frequency and completion are the most common metrics for both streaming and podcasts, though agencies are more confident in measuring these metrics for streaming audio compared to podcasts.

The Audio Advertising State of the Nation Report is a truly collaborative industry project, supported by 18 different media and tech companies, as well as industry body Commercial Radio Australia.  Fieldwork was conducted by independent research company Hoop Group in December 2019 with more than 250 respondents. 

Gai Le Roy, CEO of IAB Australia commented: “It’s clear the market has evolved from experimentation into a more strategically driven brand building approach to digital audio advertising, reflecting the growing consumer consumption of audio formats, particularly podcasting.   We take very seriously our responsibility as the industry body to invest in research that provides the industry with objective market wide data and we’ll continue to push hard to secure valuable insights for marketers and agencies alike.”

Richard Palmer, co-chair of the IAB Audio Council and Director of Market Development at Triton Digital said: “The benefits of digital audio advertising are now widely understood and the market is clearly embracing the branding potential different formats offer.  Over the next twelve months we anticipate the industry will come to understand the need to move from repurposing existing ads and instead look to produce creative campaigns tailored to suit the environment in which it appears.”

Key headlines from the report include:

  • Nearly two-thirds of media agencies are regularly using streaming digital audio advertising. Call to action spots are most popular format of streaming audio and have increased in usage strongly year on year
  • Recorded radio spots are the most popular format, while usage of native audio and branded podcasts have experienced growth with potential for further growth over the next year.
  • Advantages of data and targeting continue to drive the adoption of programmatic trading in the audio advertising space and in a challenging ad market, price has increased as an influence.
  • Increasing brand awareness is the key objective for broadcast, streaming and podcast advertising and satisfaction with audio’s ability to meet this objective is high.

The full report is available here.

Themes from last year’s Audio Advertising State of the Nation research helped the IAB Audio Council to design a guide to provide marketers with information and resources to take advantage of advertising opportunities and build successful audio campaigns.  The Guide which was issued last year has been widely used by agencies and publishers for training industry wide and is available here.


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