Associations Now: Australian ad coalition looks to balance native ads, quality content

Posted by IAB Australia On August 20, 2014 Media Releases

With brands seeking to get more return on their ad spend by expanding into so-called native advertising, two Australian ad groups are joining forces to ensure the trend doesn’t backfire on them. The goal: to better define “premium content.”

Native advertising is the hottest—and most controversial—thing in the ad-supported publishing industry at the moment.

In Australia, though, ad industry groups have a message for brands eager to pay media outlets to publish their sponsored content: The lines between advertising and journalism may be blurring, but quality journalism still matters and should be protected.

Last week, committees at two of the country’s advertising trade organizations—the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Media Federation of Australia—formed the IAB-MFA Agency Advisory Group (IMAAG), which aims to reduce overlap between the two entities on an issue near and dear to both. IAB represents publishers, and MFA represents media agencies—but both have an interest in protecting the quality of the products that advertisers attach their brands to.

– By Ernie Smith, Associations Now


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