Australian research shows benefits of cross media advertising for FMCG

Posted by IAB Australia On October 26, 2010 Media Releases

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Sydney, 26 October 2010: Advertising campaigns which combine online, TV and print, can improve product awareness, purchase intent and ad memorability by up to a multiple of three according to a ground breaking Australian cross media study which was released today by IAB Australia and Dynamic Logic.  The research, which was conducted for Colgate’s newly launched product Colgate WISP, found that while TV was effective, the multiplier effect of exposure to magazines and online in the media campaign delivered results that were greater than a single or two media. 

Announcing the results at an industry briefing in Sydney, Paul Fisher, CEO of IAB Australia commented “As marketers and their agencies strive for maximum cost efficiencies; and reach and return on investment from their advertising budgets, this research is invaluable.  It shows that advertising results are significantly enhanced when more than one media channel is used. 

“This research provide further quantitative evidence to marketers and their agencies that redistribution of media budget allocation and up-weighting to online will achieve their desired results more cost efficiently than the old paradigm of ‘TARPs x weeks’,” said Mr Fisher.

The Colgate WISP research found that purchase intent increased a dramatic 8.5 percentage points for those exposed to TV alone, climbing to 29.1 percentage points when the campaign included print, TV and online.  Product awareness climbed 19.4 percentage points for those exposed to TV alone and increased to 50.9 percentage points when the three media channels were combined.   

The study found that TV and online worked well together to grow WISP’s brand awareness better than TV alone, while online and magazine exposure generated an additional 13 per cent reach on top of the TV campaign.

Kara Manatt, Director of Cross Media Dynamic Logic US said “These research findings are consistent with multiple CrossMedia Studies conducted globally by Dynamic Logic which have found online advertising is strongly associated with both advertising and brand awareness.”

The research also found that while TV worked to build brand awareness, the incremental benefit of additional TV exposures started declining at frequencies above seven.  

Although not seen in the WISP launch campaign (due to launch campaigns being able to tolerate higher frequencies), analysis across multiple CrossMedia studies reveals that TV wastage is not uncommon at higher frequencies and marketers could benefit from considering the mix and lay down of other media to take advantage of multiplier benefits. 

The Colgate WISP is a new product designed to expand usage occasions in the oral care category.  A small, portable, single-use toothbrush to clean teeth and freshen breath for on-the-go occasions, the WISP launch campaign targeted people age 18-39 years.  TV, online, and outdoor kicked off in March, with magazine advertising starting in April.  The campaign’s online creative used online video, demographic targeting, and contextually time-targeted messaging.

CrossMedia Research™, is a Dynamic Logic in-market advertising effectiveness measurement tool which determines exposure effects at shifting attitudinal metrics and develops media insights for future strategy.  It assists marketers to understand the contribution of each medium to the impact on key brand metrics and how each media combination impacts key brand messaging. 


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