B&T: We’re Approaching A Tipping Point For Mobile Advertising: IAB CEO Vijay Solanki

Posted by Christian Manie On August 15, 2016 Media Releases

B&T – 15 Aug., 2016: In this opinion piece by Vijay Solanki, IAB Australia’s CEO, he explores the evolution of mobile, advertising on the platform and why the industry must be ‘simple but complex’.

I’m at the front end of my ‘First50’ tour where I’ve set myself the challenge of meeting with 50 key organisations and stakeholders to listen and understand what the priorities of the IAB should be.  As these pages noted my First50 tour is all about listening but I’ve decided to momentarily break my self-imposed silence (in my third week!) to address a topic that we need to start talking about.

I recently attended my first official event as CEO of the IAB.  Organised by our Mobile Council, the event focused on mobile creativity and it highlighted three things that are worthy of comment.

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Christian Manie