Digital advertising storms ahead in Australian Market

Posted by Christian Manie On September 25, 2014 Media Releases

Download graphics illustrating the Australian market from IAB’s free Nickable Charts.

SYDNEY, 26 September 2014 – Digital advertising has continued its exceptional growth trajectory in Australia according to the Commercial Economic Advisory Service of Australia (CEASA). The CEASA report, which was issued this week, shows digital advertising snared 37 percent of the total $6.2 billion advertising market spend in Australia for the first six months of 2014. By comparison free-to-air (FTA) TV remained static at 27 percent share and the remaining third of the ad spend was split between all the other advertising segments combined.

The CEASA Report also noted that digital advertising accounted for 34 percent of all advertising expenditure for the 2014 financial year, up from 30 percent in the 2013 financial year; and FTA TV held a 27 percent share of spend.

According to Alice Manners, CEO of IAB, the CEASA report provides a useful perspective on the total advertising market when viewed in conjunction with the IAB/PwC Online Advertising Expenditure Report.

“Mobile advertising is now outperforming both the magazine and outdoor advertising sectors, while video advertising is already more than double the total cinema ad market. Indeed current growth projections suggest that video advertising spend will reach almost half the pay TV ad market for this calendar year.

“As the market changes and agencies and marketers continue to tweak their budgets to get the best return on their investment and follow people’s media consumption habits, I wouldn’t be surprised to see digital representing $4 out of every $10 spent in the market for this calendar year,” said Manners.

“IAB Australia has been tracking the digital ad revenue since 2003 when the total digital market was at $236 million to today’s incredible $4.4 billion. I have no doubt that the industry’s keen interest in digital audience measurement will result in marketers continuing to review their budgets and shift their advertising dollars to follow consumer behaviour and changing media consumption,” said Gai Le Roy, IAB Australia’s Director of Research.

Christian Manie