Digital marketing predictions 2015 – Part 3: Finding the right skillset

Posted by Christian Manie On February 18, 2015 Media Releases

There’s no doubt about it: As digital marketing continues its ascendancy, the skillset required within marketing teams to handle digital platforms is changing drastically.

Not only is it more complicated to interact with customers in a digital way, there’s also the rising expectation that digital will relay seamlessly into other forms of brand engagement.

CMO asks industry leaders “Where are there still gaps in terms of digital marketing skillset and where should expertise be developed in 2015?”, with contributions from: IAB Australia CEO, Alice Manners; ADMA CEO, Jodie Sangster; Chemistri Group director, Mark Bailey; Razorfish managing director, Doug Chapman; Reactive managing director, Tim O’Neill; and DT managing partner, David Pountney.

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Christian Manie