Digital marketing predictions – Part 2: Getting the strategy right

Posted by Christian Manie On February 04, 2015 Media Releases

CMO, Feb. 4: Having gone through such substantial technological change in 2014, digital marketing is a whole new ballgame for marketers in 2015. Not only are brands expected to engage with customers across all channels of communication in real-time, using ever-more complex combinations of data intelligence to better target messages and engagement, they also have to do so while respecting a consumer’s privacy.

CMO asks industry leaders “Where should marketers place more emphasis in 2015?”, with contributions from: IAB Australia CEO, Alice Manners; ADMA CEO, Jodie Sangster; Chemistri Group director, Mark Bailey; Razorfish managing director, Doug Chapman; Reactive managing director, Tim O’Neill; and DT managing partner, David Pountney.

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Christian Manie