eMarketer: Marketers Optimistic on digital video ads in Australia

Posted by Christian Manie On November 13, 2014 Media Releases

Digital video ad spending in Australia is going up—there’s no question of that. But according to research from Adap.tv and the Interactive Advertising Bureau Australia (IAB Australia), the buyers and the sellers of those ads are not equally optimistic about how much money is at stake.

This year, according to the research, buyers estimated they upped their spending on digital video ads by 34%, while sellers reported a 42% increase in revenues from digital video ads. That’s a mismatch in reporting just for this year—and in 2015 buyers and sellers have even more variant expectations. Advertisers expect to increase spending by another 37%, but sellers only expect an 18% increase in revenues next year.

– eMarketer

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Christian Manie