IAB and MFA join forces to tackle ad fraud and quantify ‘premium’ inventory

Posted by Naima Lynch On August 12, 2014 Media Releases

The IAB and the MFA have launched a joint advisory group for agencies. The IAB has traditionally been publisher focused but aims to become more inclusive. The MFA is more agency focused.

The IAB-MFA Agency Advisory Group (IMAAG), to be chaired by Group M chief investment and intelligence officer Danny Bass, aims to bridge the gap between the two groups and tackle key industry issues.

IMAAG is effectively a merger of IAB’s Agency Advisory Board and the MFA’s Interactive Committee. It will facilitate dialogue between agencies, publishers, marketers and measurement vendors. Measurement will be a priority for the IMAAG and the Group will also work closely with the IAB Brand Safety council on issues including online traffic fraud.

The Brand Safety Council was formed after a spate of articles highlighting brand dollars being siphoned off onto less than premium sites and is now working to put a dollar value on the level of advertising fraud in Australia. Bass said that area would be an initial focus of the group, as well as quantifying what ‘premium’ sites actually were.

IAB Australia CEO, Alice Manners commented, “The depth of knowledge and experience of the IMAAG members is unparalleled and we are confident that the Group will provide the market with one strong, consolidated voice.”

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Naima Lynch