IAB’s Vijay Solanki: “Digital’s ‘Fourth Revolution’ Is Here And, Yes, It Will Take Great Courage”

Posted by Christian Manie On September 25, 2016 Media Releases

In this guest post, IAB Australia CEO, Vijay Solanki, says digital transformation of a legacy company is a journey that requires everybody involved to be ultra brave…

B&T – Sydney, Aug 24: Disruption isn’t new. It has been around forever, but the frequency of major disruptions is increasing in step with technology. We are now very well into what has been coined “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” – which was the theme of DAZE 2016 that I spoke at during the week – and it builds upon what we already know and see: Billions of people connected instantly by mobile devices. It brings to disruption a velocity and scale hitherto unknown, and it’s becoming more driven by consumers than business (and therein lies a key difference from past disruption, and an important lesson we will discuss in a second).
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By Vijay Solanki, B&T

Christian Manie