Marketing Magazine: 4 things BuzzFeed has learned about content – identity, social and why EQ matters more than IQ

Posted by Kailei Ginman On February 07, 2014 Media Releases

Published in Marketing Magazine, 6 February, 2014

Marketing sat down with BuzzFeed’s global revenue officer, Andy Wiedlin, following his talk at a seminar on native advertising held by the IAB last Friday, the same day BuzzFeed Australia launched (read the interview with him here). His comments on why interruption is dead, tips for creating shareable content and sassy digs at display advertising show the advantage new players have in looking at old problems through a fresh lens.

BuzzFeed is an entertainment site, Wiedlin said in his keynote, it creates content that people want to share. “We’re growing really fast. When I joined two and a half years ago we reached six million unique visitors around the world, and this month we’re probably going to reach 150 million.”

Wiedlin defines native advertising as paid ads that are so cohesive with the content, assimilated into the design and consistent with the platform’s behaviour that the viewer simply feels they belong. “We stole this from Google and Facebook and Twitter – ‘real companies’. It’s advertising that’s not interruptive. It’s in the flow. It’s advertising that sucks less.

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Kailei Ginman