MarketingMag: Lucinda Barlow: building blocks and digital wizardry

Posted by IAB Australia On June 28, 2013 Media Releases


In the lead up to the announcement of the inaugural IAB Australia Digital Marketer of the Year Award on 11 July, we’ll be running profiles of the six finalists. Today we talk with Lucinda Barlow, who has led Google’s marketing here to global fame.

The Award seeks to identify the digital marketer who has shown bravery in their digital marketing endeavours through their vision and use of channels and technologies, and has proven tangible, sustained results for their business.
Lucinda Barlow, head of marketing for Google Australia and New Zealand was nominated for her consistent willingness to support brave, breakthrough campaigns that combined cutting-edge technology, interactivity and brand partnerships.

‘Build with Chrome’ was a bold interactive project that demonstrated the power of Google’s Chrome browser by combining Google Maps and Lego to form the world’s largest Lego set.

‘Frontrow’ was a partnership with the Sydney Opera House to allow viewers from around the world to experience Vivid Sydney events by pulling off an unprecedented technological feat. Online viewers were able to watch the live-stream from the front row of four major events, control the camera angle, shoot stills, add filters and share their experience. This was built into a YouTube gadget that attracted hundreds of thousands of users in a ten hour period.

Barlow’s campaigns have also used print, radio, TV and out-of-home media when needed, and has integrated digital and direct to high-value business customers and partners.

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