mUmBRELLA: IAB Australia declares ‘end of the closed shop’, Danny Bass to head Agency Advisory Board

Posted by Kailei Ginman On February 09, 2014 Media Releases

Published in Mumbrella, 7 February, 2014

The declaration was made today by CEO of the IAB Alice Manners today, who signalled the move while announcing the creation of an Agency Advisory Board to be headed by Group M chief investment and intelligence officer Danny Bass.

One of the traditional criticisms of the IAB has been it was a body which solely represented the interests of the “big publishers” News Corp Australia, Fairfax Media, Mi9, Yahoo!7 and Google. In announcing a series of changes Manners said the organisation was committed to changing this perception.

“We want to be representing everyone in the industry and have them in a big tent,” said Manners. “The one consistent thing I got when I took this job was that the IAB represents only the interests of the top five publishers in Australia… this is about change this is about a new purpose and being for the entire industry.”

Manners cited her 20 years experience in agencies, most recently as GroupM Interaction’s former Asia Pacific COO, as a sign the IAB was broadening it consultation and membership.

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Kailei Ginman