mUmBRELLA: IAB lays groundwork for measurement contract tender

Posted by Kailei Ginman On February 07, 2014 Media Releases

Published in Mumbrella, 7 February, 2014

“One of the key priorities for the IAB this year is around online measurement,” said CEO of IAB Alice Manners. “We have a deed renewal process happening, so the IAB looks at the  environment and have the online audience measurement framework in the marketplace.”

“We have a contract in place with Nielsen and this year that will come into a renewal process. One of the key things will be what we require from an environmental perspective that goes beyond the desktop.”

Manners promised the process around the deed renewal and any open tender would be “transparent” after criticism in the industry about the last process.

“We want to take (measurement) to the next level and it will be a very transparent process. In March there will be a Town Hall where we will invite publishers and agencies to come and give a point of view about what they want and require from measurement going forward,” she said.

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Kailei Ginman