mUmBRELLA: Lack of video inventory and concerns about quality the main constraints as video growth surges

Posted by Christian Manie On October 23, 2014 Media Releases

SYDNEY, Oct. 22 -The ongoing lack of premium inventory and concerns about issues like ad fraud and verification are major factors constraining the growth of video in Australia, the industry has been warned.

Speaking at today’s launch of the second annual State of the Video Industry Report, John Miskelly GroupM’s head of digital, told the audience: “We have to be singularly focused on increasing the number of streams that is the absolute number one constraint on our market.”

The declaration comes at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report found that there were still major shortages on video inventory, particularly with Australian content and long form content, while two third of media buyers surveyed also expressed concerns about quality control on video around the issues of viewability, ad verification and fraud.

– Nic Christensen, mUmBRELLA

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Christian Manie