mUmBRELLA: New study puts first local numbers on Australian mobile and tablet audiences

Posted by Naima Lynch On June 10, 2014 Media Releases

IAB Australia and Nielsen have given their first insight into the size of the mobile and tablet audience in the Australian market revealing that there are more than 18m users on mobiles and 11m users on tablets.

The data is the fist month’s to come from a pilot project, which runs through until the end of December, and tracks the behaviour of 1,500 Australians on these devices and gives insight into the category and time spent on mobile and tablet devices.

“We all know that mobile is big. It is the reality that in the next financial year most Australian publishers will see more traffic coming from mobile than from desktop,” said Alice Manners, CEO of IAB Australia.

“If we look at it from an online ad revenue perspective in the last quarter it had 21.5 per cent of display revenue for mobile. It is there we know it we feel it but as planners and investors we haven’t had the data to support that.

“What we have done as the IAB Australia perspective, as well as a lot of our supporters and sponsors, is to put some money into that, to show us some data which will enable media planners and marketers to support what they are doing in the mobile area.”

You can read the full article here.

Naima Lynch