mUmBRELLA: Piracy – IAB moves to launch Brand Safety Council to tackle ad fraud

Posted by Naima Lynch On April 09, 2014 Media Releases

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) will meet on Friday to formalise a working group on online brand safety and combat the growing problem of ad fraud in the Australian market.

The group, which will be called the Brand Safety Council (BSC), comes amid concerns from advertisers and agencies around the increasingly common problem of online ads ending up on unsafe websites through tactics such as ad fraud or URL masking.

The BSC is an initiative of the IAB’s the Agency Advisory Board, headed by GroupM’s Danny Bass however the group has a wide membership including agency trading desks, vendors, and even technology companies such as Google.

“One of the things we will be pushing will be an agreement across all relevant parties to agree there is a standard for who we will deal with and how we deal with them,” Bass told Mumbrella.
“More importantly we will work together to ensure we deal with the problem of people trying to defraud the system rather than play properly.”

CEO of the IAB Alice Manners confirmed the body would come under the industry association and would work to help combat the ongoing fight against ad fraud in Australia.

“The working group will come in under the IAB,” said Manners. “This is a key priority and a key issue for us. The Council is now formed and what I will be doing is ensuring it is a full industry perspective and we have all the right people involved in it.”

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Naima Lynch