mUmBRELLA: Q&A with Alice Manners

Posted by IAB Australia On September 13, 2013 Media Releases

In a piece that first appeared in Encore, Alice Manners, CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, talks about her alternate career as a yoga teacher.

What one medium could you not live without?
You can’t ask me that question without getting the obvious answer. I have a portable wireless hotspot backup to keep me connected wherever I go and I look forward to frictionless commerce becoming a reality.

I like to shop and want a better customer experience so I want to be able to shop through ads and editorial in mobile apps.

Your one guilty media pleasure?
Qantas inflight entertainment is my catch up TV. I finally finished the first series of House of Cards.

The next big industry trend is…
Wearable technology. Wearable tech isn’t new but it hasn’t fully taken off yet. It will open the doors to a much more granular understanding of people’s behaviours for marketers. Health will continue to be a strong niche category for wearable tech but I’m most interested in watches and glasses. The Pebble Watch was a great start and the fact that it was fully crowd funded is very cool. Watch out for the new batch of watches from the big brands as they will have significant functionality improvements. I also want those glasses from Google.

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