Setting the Record Straight

Posted by Lucy Halliday On October 18, 2010 Media Releases

An article appeared this morning in the SMH regarding consumer privacy which I think deserves a response from me for one simple reason. It’s factually incorrect.

At no stage has IAB Australia watered down or backtracked on its position regarding the protection of consumer privacy. For clarity I’ll restate the IAB position on consumer privacy here: Consumer privacy is at the forefront of industry self regulation and it is also legislated by the Australian Privacy Act so consumers are very well protected.

And just for the record, at no stage did IASH request I “clarify the IAB position”. To claim otherwise is disingenuous on the part of the publication and rather disappointing from my perspective.

If you’d like to chat further with me about the topic of consumer privacy feel free to give me a call.

Paul Fisher

Lucy Halliday