Search Working Group

In late 2023, IAB Australia launched a Search Working Group to look at how agencies and brands can make the most of their search investments and plan for future technological and behavioural changes. As well as providing guidance on best practice and exploring the synergies between paid search and other digital advertising options, the group will be focussed on upskilling people currently working in the industry to deal with major changes in the search engine marketing industry, as well as understanding consumer search habits with the rise of AI.  The group will also provide resources for people interested in entering the industry.

Members of the group include:

Gary Nissim - Managing Director - Indago Digital & Working Group Chair

Jonathan Henshaw - Head of Product & Innovation - Ryval Media

Rick Gove - Head of Performance Solutions - Google ANZ

Andrew Macdonald - National Head of Paid Search & Social - dentsu

Gabe Grossman - Head of SEO - Half Dome

Renee Stopps - Sales Director ANZ, Microsoft Advertising

Stephanie Ferraro - Group Performance Director, Performics

Agnes Szlahotka - Head of Search, Group M

Christophe Landreau - Youi

Simon Dunwoody - Head of Search, WooliesX

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Initial resources from the Working Group include:

  • Future of Search Advertising podcast 
  • Free industry search training resources 
  • Search Marketing Skills - Q&A - Advice from Working Group Members

If you have any questions relating to the work being carried out by this Working Group, please email

You must be an IAB Australia member to join the Search Working Group.

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