‘Our New Colleagues’ – The Magic and the Machines – Inaugural Speech from new UK IPA President

Posted by Guest On May 01, 2017
Just a couple of days ago, Sarah Golding from CHI made her inaugural presidential speech. So, this is the most senior person from the UK advertising industry. This speech was bold and fresh.

Some visionary thinking:

  • ‘Not to lead from the front, but to learn from the front’
  • ‘It’s time to get ready for the robots’
  • ‘The creative world needs to embrace the new tools’

Sarah talked about the ‘new enthusiasm for what machines can do for member agencies’. It was a speech that called for the industry to embrace technology. She announced three key initiatives:

  1. ​Understand & embrace AI
  2. Understand the numbers; embrace data
  3. Monitor the machines

Sarah talked passionately about VR. How it is changing the way we tell stories from ‘single-thread narrative to immersive multi-thread stories’.

I heard a data point that said ‘80% of UK marketers see VR play a key role in consumer experience’.

On data, the new IPA president’s award next year will be for the most effective use of data. Good to hear that the agency world also want to get into understanding data protection.

The IPA also wants to team up with ISBA and the IAB in a number of areas. They include fraud and brand safety. Yet again, the topic of 3rd party verification was referenced.

I was particularly impressed with Sarah’s passion for automation. She wants the industry to embrace, enjoy & trust the machines. She goes as far as saying the machines ‘will be our new colleagues.’

Really visionary piece from someone who sees the opportunity and beyond the noise. Digital technology used in the right way can help lift our industry. Now let’s make sure we do the same here in Australia. Reckon we can go better and faster. Who’s in?

Video Source: https://youtu.be/lnsdkXWiLXs