Podcast Revenue – A Global Perspective

On May 30, 2023 ad spend, podcast

IAB Australia has just released the March quarter results for the podcast ad market with revenues totalling $19.8 million, an increase of nearly 21% compared to 2022 March quarter. As the full calendar year reports from IAB in NZ, US and UK have now been released we thought we would pull together a comparison across the four markets.

Podcasting represented 1.5% of digital display revenue in both Australia and the US in 2022, while NZ and the UK was approximately half of this share with 0.8% and 0.7% respectively. We do not have 2021 data from Australia, but we can see for both the UK and US podcasting revenue growth is significantly outperforming the rest of the digital ad market. 2022 investment growth in podcasting in the UK was more than double the rest of the digital ad market and almost triple in the US.


US Podcast Content Genres

Sports podcast overtook news podcasts in 2022 to take the number one revenue genre representing 15% of the market, followed by society and culture as well as comedy both representing 14% with news following at 12%.

US Podcast Advertiser Categories

Financial services was the top spending advertiser category in 2022 representing 14% of spend followed by entertainment and media at 13% then CPG (FMCG) at 12%. This ordered remained unchanged from 2021.

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