100 Days of Summer

Posted by IAB Australia On January 18, 2011 Research & Resources


December – January 2011 winner: 100 Days of Summer
Client: Foxtel
Creative Agency: Soap Creative
Campaign type: Social Media
Industry: Entertainment

Campaign Information
The brief was to create a social media campaign to grow FOXTEL’s 25,000 existing Facebook fans to 40,000 happy fans so every day during summer, the FOXTEL fans were rewarded with hot content and exclusive prizes. By focusing on the content that people love rather than the FOXTEL platform, the fan base grew with the right type of fans.

At the end of the 100 days, FOXTEL ended up with over 120,000 fans with the positive sentiment outweighing the negative by a ratio of 10:1. The success of this campaign was built upon for the remainder of 2011 with key learnings being implemented and shared with other owned and operated channel profiles.

Judge’s Comments
Ongoing engagement over 100 days is bloody difficult. Looks simple but seems like a huge effort to maintain the quality of content over such a long period. Well done guys.


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