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The IAB Australia believes in an ad-funded internet: A global community of knowledge, commerce, interaction and entertainment that is accessible to all people no matter where or who they are.

According to a study conducted by Adobe and PageFair, use of ad-blocking software globally grew 41 percent in 2014-15, with an estimated 198 million active users, costing publishers around $22 billion. And as millennials get older this figure looks set to rise quite significantly. In response to this global problem IAB Australia is spearheading efforts with our members to help consumers understand how advertising funds content.

The goal of IAB Australia is to help make all forms of digital advertising more effective, efficient and relevant to people’s interests. We want to help brands reach their audience and to provide revenue to publishers so they can continue to make their content, services and applications widely available at the appropriate cost. It is our view that ad blocking undermines this approach and will have dire consequences for the widespread dissemination of information.

L.E.A.N Ads Program

The IAB Tech Lab in the US has launched the L.E.A.N. Ads Program. L.E.A.N. stands for Light, Encrypted, Ad choice supported, Non-invasive ads. These are principles that will help guide the next phases of advertising technical standards for the global digital-advertising supply chain.

LEAN Words

L.E.A.N. ads do not replace the current advertising standards many consumers still enjoy and engage with while consuming content on sites across all IP enabled devices. Rather, these principles will guide an alternative set of standards that provide choice for marketers, content providers, and consumers.

D.E.A.L. for Publishers

IAB’s across the globe are supporting the D.E.A.L. Publisher Ad Blocking Primer which outlines the range of communications and response tactics available to publishers to connect with visitors who have downloaded ad blocking software. The goal is to give consumers a clear understanding of how ad blocking affects the free content value exchange. Consumers can then make an educated choice as to whether or not to turn off ad blocking to access free content or select another option.

The primer identifies D.E.A.L. (Detect, Explain, Ask, and Lift or Limit) as a recommended approach for publishers to connect with ad blocking consumers through a step-by-step process:


The IAB Tech Lab in the US is also making its exclusive ad blocking detection script available to all IAB and IAB Tech Lab members around the world, providing them with the opportunity to see – and ultimately engage with – visitors to their sites who have ad blockers turned on. The ad-blocking detection script can be found at: .

D.E.A.L. in Practice

Publishers around the world are following DEAL methods to combat ad blocking. You can read about those efforts to engage and educate audiences by following the links below.

Other Useful Resources

Below is list of recent resources compiled to help you better understand ad blocking.





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