Ad Verification Guidelines 2013

Posted by IAB Australia On May 22, 2013 Research & Resources

This document outlines how ad verification products and services may be used by various industry stakeholders such as Advertisers, Media Agencies, Media Owners/Publishers as well as Networks and Marketplaces. It is intended to provide a summary highlighting the standards developed by the IAB US and it also draws attention to pertinent considerations when engaging in the use of ad verification products and services.


Common commercial and operational issues can occur with the availability of varied services and degrees of application across both real-time verification and post-delivery verification tools. This document provides a summary of ad verification service lines and identifies common issues that media buyers and sellers should understand.

The IAB US guidelines establishes standards for the proper conduct of ad verification by service providers. This document highlights common questions and definitions with reference to the US documentation to aid in guiding communication between stakeholders and set standards of engagement where ad verification is being utilised as a method of measurement for campaign execution.

This document is not intended to provide standards for measurement, audit methodology or accreditation.



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