AdRoll State of the Industry ANZ 2016

Posted by Christian Manie On March 30, 2016 Research & Resources

Programmatic advertising: it’s easy to forget just how new it really is. As in all industries driven by disruptive technology, programmatic advertising is constantly evolving. This year, we surveyed a diverse group of 265 Australian and New Zealander marketers to discover how businesses are thinking about— and adopting—the new marketing opportunities brought forth by programmatic advertising.

Report Highlights:

  • Marketers invest heavily in programmatic advertising across all channels, with 68% spending 10–50% of their advertising budgets on programmatic ads.
  • Marketers think mobile first, despite persistent challenges, with 53% of marketers using mobile retargeting—and half of them plan to increase their 2016 investment.
  • Attribution continues to be a hot topic, with 49% of marketers saying that better multi-touch attribution modelling is the future of attribution, even though only 39% currently use this method.

Download the full report here.

Christian Manie