AdRoll: State of the Industry – A close look at retargeting and the programmatic marketer

Posted by Christian Manie On March 20, 2015 Research & Resources

Today’s marketers are becoming more like analysts, using technology to understand and react to alwayson consumers in real time. Australian marketers have rapidly embraced digital advertising. Unlike in the US and the UK, digital advertising in Australia now attracts a larger ad spend than TV.1 It’s only natural that local advertisers have begun to demand tools that support their vision for a full-funnel, multi-platform, data-driven marketing strategy.

Retargeting has been a breakout tactic since marketing made the shift from traditional trial-and-error programs to real-time programmatic campaigns. With retargeting, marketers could directly target the most promising individual consumers. It introduced a simple, practical way to put programmatic ambitions and valuable customer intent data into action, and drove clearly measurable ROI.


Christian Manie