Affiliate & Partnership Marketing Knowledge Series

On November 01, 2023 Research & Resources

The IAB Australia Affiliate and Partnership Marketing Working Group will release a knowledge series in the second half of 2023 that will cover a range of key topics that will help marketers navigate and make the most of the affiliate and partnership marketing channel. 

Chapter 1: Holistic Affiliate & Partnership Marketing Being Part of the Marketing Mix

CMOs should consider integrating affiliate and partnership marketing into their overall marketing mix to capitalise on what their business is doing across other channels. By doing so, they can avoid duplication of efforts, missed opportunities, and difficulty tracking results. In this release the role of affiliate & partnership marketing is reviewed, as well as synergies with other marketing activity and how to align reporting with other performance channels. Download the paper below. 

Chapter 2: Affiliate and Partnership Marketing Stakeholders

With thousands of different partner opportunities to choose from, of all shapes and sizes, it’s unsurprising that the channel still has a reputation of being complex, and often misunderstood. In this chapter, we look at how to effectively manage the affiliate partnerships channel within a business, and where responsibilities lie for the key stakeholders. Download the paper below. 

Chapter 3: Affiliate and Partnership Marketing: Budgeting best practice

Effective affiliate and partnership budgeting involves setting clear objectives, prioritising high-value partners, and continuously monitoring and optimising performance. It’s vital for advertisers to allocate resources wisely, maintain transparency and stay informed about industry trends to maximise the impact of this performance-driven marketing channel.