Attitudes to DOOH (2022)

On August 17, 2022 Research & Resources

Australian advertising agencies continue to embrace programmatic digital out of home advertising (pDOOH), with 83% of agencies having used pDOOH and 48% at least regularly considering it – according to the Attitudes to DOOH 2022 Report

The Report (which can be downloaded below) is based on a survey of 530 advertising professionals across agencies, brands and ad technology suppliers in the Australian market conducted in July 2022.

Data and targeting were identified as the key driver of pDOOH usage this year, with flexible buying options, which was the number one driver last year, dropping to the number two position as COVID induced campaign uncertainty and changes has decreased. Impacting brand awareness remained the dominant objective for pDOOH, however there has been an increase in the use of programmatic DOOH for direct response activities compared to last year (up from 17% to 30%).