Auction Mechanics Handbook – Feb. 2019 Update

Posted by IAB Australia On February 22, 2019 Research & Resources

After receiving feedback from the industry, we have updated the original Dec. 2018 edition of this handbook in Feb. 2019, and we shall continue to revisit as the industry moves forward.

The impact of Header Bidding has been hugely significant for both programmatic buyers and sellers over the past 18 months or so, with adoption continuing to grow across publishers and ad formats. These levels of adoption will only increase as Header Bidding is now becoming increasingly prevalent within both in-app and video inventory. 

The IAB Programmatic Playbook was initially published in March 2015 and updated in October 2017, where we introduced the topic and mechanics of Header Bidding. As the space is perpetually evolving the IAB deemed in necessary to provide this 2018 update, specifically focused on Auction Mechanics and with more substance in terms of the bidding mechanics and a more concise set of best practices. This update provides the market with a more in-depth look to Header Bidding, the resultant impacts and a guide to some of the nuances related to auction mechanics. 

Download the Auction Mechanics Guide Below.


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