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The IAB Australia Audio Council has collected examples of outstanding audio creative covering ads suited for different platforms and a wide range of different ad formats. We will continue to add to this library so if you have a great example please send them through to 





Podcasts are digital audio programs and/or tracks that can be downloaded and listened to offline also. They are downloaded directly from a service on the web and distributed via syndication feeds. They are hosted or authored by a podcaster.


Podcasting advertorials blends in with the topic of the editorial content of the show in which it is offered. 

Ford – Startup


Bespoke Branded Podcasts

Bespoke branded podcasts are shows that are intended to promote a specific business, with the content of that show related to the services of the respective company.

Launch Vic – Branded Podcast


Ebay – Open for Business


Native Audio / Live Reads

Native/Live reads are advertisements that are read on the show by the host(s), promoting the brand or services of a specific company. Often the brand will always be a sponsor of the podcast.

Audio Boom, Russel Brand – Meundies


Open Universities – Small Business Big Marketing Show


South Australia – Tourism: Food


South Australia – Tourism: Sport (Midroll)


Boukes – WTF


Pre-Roll and Post-Roll

Pre- and post-roll audio ads are ads that are automatically played at the beginning and the end of the show or podcast. They generally are 15-second, 30-second and minute-long spots, but can run longer.

GE – Genius 


Vittoria Espresso – Hamish and Andy


HSBC Premiere – Making Names


National Crime Check – The Mentor


Open Universities – Mate Podcast


South Australia Tourism – A Plate to Call Home


Blue Apron – Twice Removed


Streaming audio content delivers real-time audio through a network over the internet. This data transmission provides the consumer with on-demand audio and digital audio advertising in targeted to that consumer.

3D Spots

Ads that are produced to reflect the way we receive sound in real life. Creates an immersive experience with sounds are clearly recognizable from all directions, whether that is above, below, behind, far in front, etc.

Nandos – Spotify


Dynamic Creative

Dynamic creative audio allows brands target consumers programmatically with personalized messages based on weather conditions, location, the music they listening to and the time of day they are listening.

Pepsi Max – Time Out


Holden Trax 


Interactive Spots – Download Link

An interactive spot ad on a streaming spot allows for a user response, in the form of clicking a link to go to a site or make a call, or even responding via voice command.



Digital radio is audio broadcasting in which analog audio is converted into a digital signal (as a sting of digital data) and transmitted on an assigned channel in the AM/FM frequency range.

Advertorial Examples

Audio Advertorial is an advertisement that blends in with the editorial content of the show in which it is offered.

Tic Tac




Brand Awareness 

As in the rest of the digital advertising ecosystem, brand awareness campaigns are created with the purpose of promoting a brand (and sometimes a service of that brand) through advertising.

HBF – Chaos




Retail Call to Action

Retail call-to-action audio campaigns are intended to provoke a specific response in the end-user, such as visiting a restaurant at lunch time, or buying a certain item. 



KFC – Intense


 KFC – Dunch


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