Australia. Land of quattro.

Posted by IAB Australia On December 10, 2013 Research & Resources


October – November 2013 second runner up: Australia. Land of quattro.
Client: Audi
Creative Agency: Holler
Industry: Automotive

Campaign Information
Holler’s Land of Quattro campaign for Audi took advantage of the newly discovered 38 percent of premium car drivers viewing social media as a resource for making their automotive purchase decision.

Holler hacked quadcopter drones to record Audi’s new, all-wheel drive Audi quattro on the move across the Australian landscape with a multi-angle, multi-location footage. Users were invited to become the directors and remix the footage with their own ideas, for the chance to create their own commercial to be featured on air nationally as an official Audi TVC.

The interactive experience resulted in 28 percent increase in test drives, with 202,700 unique users visiting the online experience and with the 2,287 user videos generating 814,316 views, entering it into the top 25 Australian viral video chart.


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