Australian Elections Deep Dive: How Government Elections are Driving Audience Data Usage Globally

Posted by Christian Manie On June 27, 2016 Research & Resources

Eyeota Elections White Paper

For a political candidate, every vote counts. Political parties want to be where their potential voters are at, especially in the online space. 

According to Standard Media Index numbers, election advertiser digital spend doubled in 2013 in the lead-up to the Federal Election in Australia, and this is likely to happen again in the 2016 elections.

Millennials might be the largest voter population in Australia, but there are concerns about engaging them in the political conversation.

Figures from the Australian Electoral Commission show that there are 1.7 million Millennial voters compared to 1.6 million Baby Boomers who will be required to vote in the upcoming federal elections in Australia.

How can elections advertisers reach this group of disengaged voters, as well as other groups of target audiences online?

Eyeota’s Elections White Paper presents a handy solution on the types of audience data segments elections advertisers can use to reach online potential voters effectively.

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