Beyond the Cookie – Mapping the Future of Marketing Measurement

On September 24, 2020 Research & Resources

The IAB Australia Ad Effectiveness Council have published this paper to help the industry understand what impact the deprecation of cookies will have on different ad and marketing effectiveness research and measurement techniques. The paper provides information for marketers, agencies and media owners on what they can do over the short, medium and long term to adjust their measurement toolkits for the future. 

Moving to a ‘cookie-less future’ will definitely be a positive step to improving privacy of data and transparency, but it presents so many unknowns. One of the challenges facing marketers going forward is achieving visibility into how their digital marketing is performing. Some of the marketing effectiveness measurement techniques currently used won’t be affected by the cookie retirement, however others will need to make significant adjustments.

The IAB Ad Effectiveness Council’s, ‘Beyond the Cookie: Mapping the Future of Marketing Measurement’ paper focuses on providing information on the likely impact on various commonly used marketing effectiveness measurement techniques. It’s important for marketers to understand how the changes impact their measurement tool kit and get ready for the post-cookie world. This paper provides direction to resources that can help marketers, ad agencies and media owners find out more about the impending cookie changes and the impact on their digital marketing and measurement activities.