Brewed by Feel

Posted by IAB Australia On March 21, 2011 Research & Resources


February – March 2011 winner: Brewed by Feel
Client: Cascade
Creative Agency: Droga5
Campaign type: Microsite
Industry: Alcohol

Campaign information
This campaign took Australia’s oldest working brewery into the 21st Century with an online and mobile presence. Cascade’s rich heritage was highlighted and the brand was positioned as the authority on beer.

A new website that allowed users to create their perfect mix of content by choosing the amount of topics and themes they would like to see on the homepage was launched. ‘The Brewer’s Nose’ app was developed to showcase the Cascade brewers’ vast beer knowledge: users scanned the barcode of any beer (500+ options), and the brewers told them everything about its style, taste and heritage.

Judge’s comment
“A smorgasbord of beers, an iPhone app, a bar code scanner that works, where to find beers, food and stuff to read when you’ve consumed a lot of beer – a great recipe all round for any campaign.”
Another judge praised Droga5 for creating an app that is “not just worthy of downloading, but using more than once.”


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