Cars That Feel

Posted by Kailei Ginman On August 12, 2014 Research & Resources

‘Cars That Feel’ is an interactive installation created with Toyota for this year’s VIVID festival in Sydney.

The installation transforms three ordinary Toyota Prius cars into sentient beings which respond emotionally to human interaction.

For 18 days, from 6-midnight, the cars had people hugging, kissing and tickling them.
Some people tried to make the cars angry, many took photos and a small few were determined to solve the “mystery” of how it was “done”.

Built entirely in-house, we now know more about ultra wide throw projectors, rear projection
film and Raspberry Pi’s than we need to.

Cars That Feel has since been “rolled out” (sic) to AFL events sponsored by Toyota.

Soap partnered with Noise International for sound design and music.

One Green Bean developed a social idea to allow the cars to interact via Twitter with festival goers each night.

The cars conveyed 1.8 million different emotions to over 50,000 people. We estimate a further 150,000 people walked past and saw the cars curing the event.

Kailei Ginman