Censordyne | 2010 IAB Awards Winner

Posted by IAB Australia On July 23, 2010 Research & Resources


2010 IAB Awards | Not for Profit / Public Service Winner

Agency: FNUKY
Client: GetUp!

The challenge was to broadcast political activism group GetUp!’s protests about the looming internet filtering plans to the Australian public. The idea was to turn internet filtering into a household product. FNUKY created the Censordyne cream that provides “unproven, ineffective relief from Internet nasties” and rolled out a coordinated mock product launch online. The bold approach was executed on three fronts: Social media participation, online direct response and digital activities for PR to drive mass public awareness.

The campaign was a runaway success, breaking original campaign objectives in the first 24 hours. In the first week alone FNUKY had reached an estimated 1.2 million Australians through free media impressions, achieved 190,000 unique browsers on the campaign websites, received more than 102,000 names on its petition, and raised $50,000 in donations.


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