Coca- Cola “Share A COKE” | 2012 IAB Awards

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2012 IAB Awards | Social Media Marketing Winner

Coca- Cola “Share A COKE”
Agency: Ikon Communications with Ogilvy, Wunderman & Naked Communications
Client: Coca- Cola

Coca-Cola has always been an integral part of people coming together. But with the world flocking to the digital space, how they connected needed to change: research showed Coca-Cola was losing relevance amongst their core target groups so they wanted an idea that would make a big splash and get people talking with a mass appeal.

After 125 years of putting the same name on every bottle of Coke, 150 popular Australian names were added on the pack, inviting all Aussies to ‘Share a COKE’ with Matt, Sarah or Jess during Summer 2011. The aim was to bring people together on a more personal level and acted as tool to find, connect and share with people they know; with the best conversation starter of all – a first name. Communicating via social media, consumers were asked who they wanted to ‘Share a COKE’ with, with requests for names flooding in. Embedded sharing was also used throughout all touch points, including the ability to MMS and share an image of a friend’s name up in lights at the iconic Coca-Cola sign in Kings Cross through Facebook.

The campaign resulted in 230,000 new households buying into the Share a COKE campaign, with 40% of purchases driven by the campaign.

The Facebook page became the most talked about locally and 23rd globally, with an increased traffic of 870%, 121m impressions and 374,946 entries to a win $50k to share with a mate. Young adult consumption increased significantly during the campaign, increasing 7% and 75,902 personalized virtual Coke cans were shared.


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