Digital Data Best Practice Handbook – April 2017

Posted by Steven Poyser On April 26, 2017 Research & Resources

Data is now so ubiquitous that it can often be overwhelming when looking to incorporate a strategy around data and how to go about it.

Having a strategy around what you and your business intends to achieve by being more data-driven is critical, whether you are a publisher, marketer or advertising agency. Thinking through what the business objectives are, the associated costs and resources required are critical initially. Then planning ahead post-implementation to ensure that your measurable outcomes and plans remain flexible, evolutionary and adequately supported in these ever-changing times is advisable.

Included in the book:

  • Data data everywhere: So how do i understand it all?
  • Storing your data
  • Using your data
  • Break down the silos: Collaborate to activate your data
  • Refinding data skills
  • Questions for data vendors

Download the Handbook (members only) and Data Infographic below.

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Steven Poyser