Digital Audio Fit-For-Purpose Creative: Choosi and IAB Audio Council

On October 31, 2018 Research & Resources

There’s no one-size-fits all approach to audio. Each audio platform is consumed in a different way and has its own nuances which need to be considered. Just like you wouldn’t put a long copy print ad on a billboard, you shouldn’t simply put your radio ad in a podcast, for example.

The creative message needs to be tailored to suit each medium to ensure relevancy and impact. Working with insurance company Choosi, the IAB Audio Council, led by Eardrum in the project, set about creating best practice, fit-for-purpose audio campaigns for each audio platform. 

The Concept

We live in a a world where we have more choice than ever, But instead of making things easier, consumers are overwhelmed with options and find it harder than ever to choose what’s right for them.

This is where Choosi’s team of Choosers comes in. Choosi’s helpful trio in blue appear when you need them most – when you’re trying to make a tough decision. They’ll help you compare your options and then pick the one that’s right for you. 


Visually, Choosi’s point of difference is the trio of Choosers in blue who appear when you need them most – when you’re thinking about getting insurance. To extend the concept into audio and create a distinctive audio asset, we will use 3 voices in each execution to highlight Choosi’s team of choosers. The harmonic “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Choosi” from the Choosi theme music was used as a distinctive brand asset. 

Audio Examples

  • Spotify – Targeted audio ads.  Because Spotify listeners are often curating the content themselves, they have higher levels of engagement. But because they have a sense of ownership to what they’re listening to, advertisers need to work harder to avoid being seen as an unwelcome interruption. This is achieved by making the message more relaxed, conversational and relevant to the playlist and the daypart.  
  • Spotify – Active Ads.  Noting that Spotify allows advertisers to accompany their audio with video and display ad formats, the Showcase recommends encouraging the audience to “click the banner” or “watch the video”  in the call to action to continue the conversation  .
  •  iHeartRadio – ShakeMe.  With some digital audio platforms like iHeartRadio, ShakeMe technology is  available, which means when a listener shakes their mobile, an interaction such as making a call or opening a website is triggered.  This allows listeners to respond to an ad immediately and simply making it ideal for direct response messages. 

Sponsored Podcast.  Noting that podcasts are the perfect medium for special interest subjects and niche audiences, the Showcase notes that any link to its product or service will need to be very subtle.