Digital Chameleon: Digital transformation of the enterprise

Posted by IAB Australia On June 06, 2012 Research & Resources

Digital Marketing Ascendancy
Over the course of this decade, digital marketing will assume a dominant role in most marketing strategy formulation. After playing an ever- growing supporting role to legacy offline media and marketing channels, digital will take point position as the centre of the spokes for all brand messaging.

A recent McKinsey Global survey found that 66% of respondents believe digital marketing will increase operating profits in the near future. Cost-effective, accountable and most importantly incredibly agile and flexible, digital marketing is uniquely positioned to take the conductor’s baton in the marketing orchestra.

Convergence Happens
The convergence of social media, mobile and data analytics is pushing the envelope of digital marketing thinking. New engagement technologies such as near field communication) and the emerging importance of Big Data are re-defining the marketing function. On one hand, marketers have never been better equipped. On the other, never before has so much been asked of them.

IAB Australia

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