eMarketer: Emerging Markets in Asia-Pacific Propel Digital Ad Spend Growth in the Region

Posted by IAB Australia On January 11, 2013 Research & Resources

JAN 11, 2013 – Indonesia will lead in growth, but from a small base

Asia-Pacific is already a digital ad giant, with expenditures in the region having reached $27.3 billion last year, according to eMarketer’s forecast for digital ad spending. The region is expected to become the second-largest digital ad market in the world by the end of this year, surpassing Western Europe by nearly $2 billion.

The major emerging markets of Indonesia, China and India will increase faster than Asia-Pacific’s overall regional growth through 2016, while mature markets in Australia, Japan and South Korea will continue to increase at a steady but unspectacular clip.

India and China will see growth of around 30% each this year, and maintain a pace of increase of about 20% or higher throughout the forecast period. The amount marketers will devote towards digital ad spending in Indonesia is forecast to see especially high growth, though this will be primarily due to the fact that the country recorded only $140 million in digital advertising last year.


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