Epsilon: Loyalty Study India Infographic

Posted by IAB Australia On July 01, 2013 Research & Resources

Focused on four specific retail sectors (clothing, grocery, financial services and travel), key findings from the India study include:

  • Except for travel service, the proportion of Indian consumers identifying themselves as loyal has increased significantly since 2011 in the other three sectors: clothing up from 45% to 57%, grocery up from 47% to 65%, and financial services from 47% to 64%.
  • Email is the most preferred channel to receive marketing messages from brands/retailers among the high-income SEC A Indian consumers (72%); while SEC C is far more attached to TV (80%) and radio (31%) due to the slow development of broadband and 3G infrastructure into the lower SEC community.
  • Indian consumers across different SECs including the affluent and loyalists enjoy learning about company information from television. Television is second only to email as the most preferred medium among the affluent and it is the distant winner for consumers of the middle and lower-income classes.
  • WOM from co-workers influences about one-third of their middle-class (29%) and affluent colleagues (36%) in their purchase decisions.


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