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April – May 2013 first runner up: Fundawear
Client: DUREX
Creative Agency: Havas Worldwide SYD
Industry: Technology

Campaign Information
Durex, known for safety wanted to also be known for fun. So, rather than talking about their existing products, Havas Worldwide Sydney created a new one for them – Fundawear.

Targeting couples in long distance relationships, Havas Worldwide Sydney saw an opportunity that could connect couples physically rather than seeing each other face to face on social media.

Fundawear is a ‘his and her’ underwear pack that allows touch to be transferred over the Internet. It was created with technology that combines a smartphone app, Amazon servers and underwear with inbuilt touch actuators to accurately send the sensation of touch over the internet, so couples can physically connect even if they are miles apart.

Ten fully functional beta-prototypes of Fundawear were created to gauge public interest, resulting in 6,422,351 YouTube views resulting to the #1 most viewed YouTube clip in Australia in April, 244 mainstream news pieces and a further 1,333 blogs.

Judge’s Comment
Fundawear quite literally makes technology sexy. Such a fun, simple idea that compliments the brand incredibly well.



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