Galaxy Note II

Posted by IAB Australia On May 14, 2013 Research & Resources


February – March 2013 second runner up: Galaxy Note II
Client: Samsung
Creative Agency: Amnesia
Media Agency: Starcom
Industry: Technology

Campaign Information
Samsung wanted to get more people into stores and experience the GALAXY Note II, however the tech savvy audience was researching online, not visiting physical stores.

So, Amnesia’s solution was to flip the problem around and rather than working to bring people in store, they recreated the experience of using the device across a range of environments, allowing people try the GALAXY Note II wherever they were.

A website with a virtual Samsung GALAXY Note II was created and allowed people to experience its key features firsthand. Rich media banners allowed people to pick up the S Pen stylus and sketch in them. Some of Australia’s hottest up and coming illustrators were also involved to demonstrate the amazing things the GALAXY Note II could do, with their work then being used in billboards.

The overall campaign reached over 4.3m people with 30,549 virtually trying the device on There were 64,711 Art Project video views on YouTube as well.

Judge’s Comment
The Note campaign is a really inspiring product demonstration with good production value. And a use of NFC that actually makes sense. Respect.



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