IAB Australia Affiliate Marketing Handbook 2020

Posted by IAB Australia On May 25, 2020 Research & Resources

More and more Australian brands are launching affiliate or partnership marketing programs as we continue to see strong return on investment, an ever-evolving landscape of opportunities, and a creative and diverse ecosystem that touches on many points in the customer’s journey.

Since the IAB released the first handbook in October 2016, the Australian performance marketing industry has seen considerable and consistent growth in terms of revenue, but also in terms of the recognition and value that advertisers are attributing to this acquisition channel. 

The purpose of this handbook is to provide a thorough exploration of the Australian affiliate landscape and will serve as a useful resource to both those who are new to this form of digital marketing, as well as anyone currently involved in it. 

IAB Australia

IAB Australia is the peak trade association for online advertising in Australia. As one of over 43 IAB offices globally and with a rapidly growing membership, the role of the IAB is to support sustainable and diverse investment in digital advertising across all platforms in Australia.