IAB Canada: Tetley Red Tea case study on cross media

Posted by IAB Australia On May 17, 2011 Research & Resources

The Tetley Red Tea study is especially important within IAB Canada’s body of CMOST Research, as it represents the first time that Online media spend (at 61% of the budget), exceeded the spend allocated to the traditional medium (Magazine, at 39% of the budget).

Study Objectives
The objectives of the study were as follows:

  1. To measure the contribution of each medium towards the Tetley campaign objectives (support growth/ownership of red tea category, build Awareness of Tetley Red Tea).
  2. To gain a better understanding of how the Online medium impacts Awareness and Intent To Purchase the brand.
  3. To quantify the impact of Tetley’s integrated marketing effects across Magazine and Online platforms.
  4. To analyze the cost-efficiency/effectiveness of the campaign by individual medium, and when in combination.
  5. And finally, both Mediacom (Tetley’s media agency) and IAB Canada wanted to understand how Reach-intensive Websites as a group (e.g. Portals), compared to Vertical/Contextual sites (e.g. Women’s Interest), within the Tetley Online media schedule.

Magazine ad creative utilized full-page ad insertions in various Women’s publications; while Online ad creative used both Expandable Rich Media ad units (Leaderboards and Big Boxes) and Video Pre-Roll units.

– The unique and synergistic benefits of adding Online advertising to Advertisers’ media plans are numerous, and have been proven in all nine of IAB Canada Cross-Media Optimization Studies – still, the key to unlocking the full potential of Online advertising lies in getting Online ad creative right.

By following long-established Online ad creative best practices including proper sizing and prominent placement of the brand logos, product messaging and calls-to-action – on ALL frames – of Static, Rich Media and Video ads, Online’s branding potential can be released.

– In this study, exposure to Online-only, Print-only and Print+Online advertising all contributed to the total impact of Tetley Red Tea advertising against the target group, with:
– Print-only and Print+Online best able to drive UPPER Funnel Metrics (Awareness, Message Association).- Online-only and Print+Online best able to drive LOWER Funnel Metrics (Attribute Agreement, Brand Favourability, Intent To Purchase)
– Online Reach and Contextual Website ad placements impacted the target audience differently, and at various stages of the purchase funnel.
– Reach Websites exposed the ads to an audience less familiar with Tetley Tea and consequently generated more Awareness for Tetley and the Red Tea line among this group.
– Contextual Websites enhanced consumers’ ability to correctly Associate The Brand Message with Tetley Red Tea.

“This study is an important step forward in our exploration of campaigns integrating Online,” says Jeanne Northcote, Managing Director at Mediacom. “We have suspected a multiplier effect between traditional and digital media similar to that experienced in traditional media mixes, and it is now supported by research. The CMOST Study also explored the impact of individual and combined communication channel efforts at different points in the purchase funnel and against different product usage segments of the target population. This in-depth analysis will allow us to apply learning against specific business goals for better communication plans and ROI in the future.”

Steve Rosenblum, Research Director, IAB Canada agrees and adds: “As more and more marketers become familiar with the Web’s direct response capabilities, it’s important to remember that since the dawn of advertising, branding has also been a key driver of results. In each of the nine CMOST studies IAB Canada has conducted – and across the thousands of similar cross-media research studies that Dynamic Logic has conducted – all of the results profiled occurred without a single click being needed. As well, as per this study and in each of IAB Canada’s eight CMOST studies before it, both the synergistic power and cost effectiveness of using Online in combination with traditional media are evident.”


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