IAB Event: Mobile Landscape Briefing – Presentations Available

Posted by IAB Australia On April 10, 2013 Research & Resources

The IAB Mobile Landscape Study is a major review on the smartphone and tablet advertising market in Australia conducted by leading research firm TNS. The current market, opportunities and challenges are explored in this study which provides a complete overview of the market bringing together a number of new research pieces investigating both consumer and industry perspectives.

The consumer research provided insights on behaviour & attitudes, ad effectiveness for branding and direct response campaigns as well as tips for successful mobile creative.

Findings from the exclusive industry survey were also revealed, detailing the opinions and projections of people within the publishing, agency & client communities. We will explore areas such as the expected shift in spend for mobile 2013, barriers and challenges for market growth; knowledge base for different ad formats and technology; and perceived strengths of mobile advertising versus other platforms.

Gai Le Roy, Director of Research, IAB Australia
Jonathan Sinton, Executive Director, TNS Australia


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