IAB Event: Online Behavioural Advertising Forum Presentation

Posted by IAB Australia On May 17, 2011 Research & Resources

Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) is one of the most recent, exciting technologies to emerge in the $100 billion global online advertising industry. It’s one of those rare initiatives that really is a win-win-win for consumers, advertisers and the online industry alike.

However, through lack of education, media coverage of some of the more alarmist views, much public debate has ensued about the rights and privacy of consumers, the control (or lack of) they have over their browsing behaviour and data, the perceived intrusion into their privacy, and ultimately their lack of choice over their settings.

Well, no more. The Australian Advertising Digital Alliance (ADAA) of which IAB Australia is a founding member, recently published the Australian Best Practice Guideline for OBA, and the consumer website www.youronlinechoices.com.au.

This informative session heard directly from 4 of the key contributors to both these self-regulatory initiatives, specifically:
– The 7 principles within the Best Practice Guideline
– Walk through the consumer website functionality
– How the privacy landscape is evolving in the US, EU and most importantly here in Australia
– How you as a practitioner of OBA can get involved

The format was 3, 15-20 minutes presentations by industry experts who actually co-wrote both the Australian Best Practice Guideline and the consumer website and are leading the Australian industry in OBA practice, followed by an informal Q&A for the audience to ask the expert panel anything about OBA and the broader regulatory environment.

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